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 Robert Sobukwe Nursing Academy is committed to the pursuit of excellence, with young people at the heart of everything we do, and personal well-being prioritized at every stage. We take pride in our skilled and motivated employees, experienced and loyal management team, and enviable track record. With our focus on providing affordable education, training and skills development through consultancy and mentorship to small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMMEs), public sector and largely the previously disadvantage communities. Our mainstay is in designing and implementing new, customized, and efficient methods of training and skills development in a cost-effective manner for our students.

We are passionate about providing our learners with inspiring and safe places to learn, where they feel respected and where they can thrive and lead happy, healthy lives. We are responsible for tomorrow’s employees, employers, parents, and future leaders and so here at Robert Sobukwe Nursing Academy we take the impact we can have upon a local are, building a community which supports today’s events and challenges in the future very seriously. We provide educational leadership, resources, and customized services to assist communities, promotes student achievement and accountability, serves Africa’s most vulnerable students, and strives to create an environment in which every student, regardless of circumstances, has an opportunity for a quality education.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of developing communities who instill ambition and the desire in every member of staff and every young person to discover and achieve their personal best, overcoming any challenge they may face. 

We believe in ourselves. We believe in each other.

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R 1500.00
Home Base Care 

Home Based Care is based on the development of a care plan for each client in terms of their level of need and disease process. The emphasis is placed on empowering clients and families to become knowledgeable and self-sufficient in the management of their disease process.

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SAIOSH Certificate
R 3000.00
Health Care Assistant 

Observing, monitoring and recording patients' conditions by taking temperatures, pulse, respirations and weight, communication with patients, relatives and Health Care Professionals. Assisting with clinical duties, personal care including infection prevention and control, food, personal hygiene, comfort and safety.

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SAIOSH Certificate
R 1 250.00
HIV/AIDS Counseling with Rapid Testing  

Is a course intended to allow people to make informed decisions regarding knowledge of their HIV status and the implications of those decisions. With a rapid antibody screening test, usually done with blood from a finger prick or with oral fluid, results are ready in 30 minutes or less. The rapid antigen/antibody test is done with a finger prick and takes 30 minutes or less.

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SAIOSH Certificate
R 750.00
Basic First Aid Life Skills  

First Aid refers to the help that a sick or injured person receives until full medical treatment is available. Being able to perform first aid is a simple skill that can have an incredibly positive impact – from providing a casualty with reassurance to saving their life.

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SAIOSH Certificate




At Robert Sobukwe Nursing Academy, we benchmark ourselves against international quality standards, maintain compliance with national legislation, adhere to service level agreements and successfully achieve the responsiveness and agility our industry requires.

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